On Orson Scott Card

In response to Orson Scott Card Demands Your Tolerance Of His Intolerance

At no point anywhere in this does he offer so much as a hint of a suggestion that he has now changed his stance, or admitted it is wrong, let alone explicitly say that he’s going to cease campaigning against same-sex marriage. Furthermore, it’s disingenuous at best to claim that a novel set in the future is entirely disconnected from the milieu in which it was written or the prevailing social mores of that time. That’s just some mealy-mouthed bullshit.

Lastly, how fucking dare he play the martyrdom card in the face of people potentially calling him on his shit in future.

On the upside, he’s done a great job of keeping the publicity campaign for the boycott and its attendant discussion of the real issues alive, although I suspect Lionsgate might not be altogether impressed by this attempt to derail their carefully-orchestrated SDCC campaign.

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This is getting a bit off-topic, but there’s a huge internal row going on within the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America right now about sexist behavior, triggered by an edition of their in-house publication with a scantily-clad lady warrior on the cover and two male writers inside having a long discussion about the physical attributes of women in misogynistic terms. In addition there are numerous reports of female authors experiencing sexual harassment from male authors and generally chauvinistic behavior at conventions.

It’s always expected better, and so, it turns out, do a whole generation of writers. There’s a great piece about it all over at Chuck Wendig’s site:


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